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Tailoring to excel in your applications

Freeway is a unique vendor within the battery market - capable of providing you with all of the attributes of a true specialist with the backing of one of the largest distributors of electronic goods and services in the world.

A strategic and rapidly growing part of the Rebound Technology Group, Freeway adopts the same ethos as our parent company, which holds AS9120 and ISO13485 Military, Aerospace and Medical certifications as well as ISO9001 and the SC21 Silver award. Through 27 offices in 18 countries Freeway offers a logistical capability that is second to none.

CALL US: +44 (0) 1635 555 985 (USA: Select Contact)

FREEWAY Battery Solutions makes sense…

…whoever you are

At Freeway we understand the key drivers within business and have the resource and experience to become a highly effective extension of your own teams. Whether you are designing a new version of an existing product, starting a ‘clean sheet’ development or just looking to reduce costs without compromise Freeway can help.


As a Manager of your business you will want to ensure that working with a new partner is based upon a sound rationale. If you have worked with the Rebound Technology Group in the past you will already know that we insist upon the highest standards.


Whilst unit cost is critical to the success or failure of your finished product, it is equally important to reduce the hidden costs. Time to market, approvals and selection of the most appropriate form-factor and chemistry play a major role in the success of your product.


New product introduction (NPI) is usually based around the development of an existing product requirement. By taking the time at the front end to discuss the various options and their relative features and benefits we can assist you in taking the best…