A gel battery has the sulphuric acid electrolyte mixed with silica material to form an immobilized gel.Inherent resistance to oxidation when left in a partially discharged state makes it a natural choice for a wide range of light-weight motive applications.


Having exceptional cyclic performance, gel batteries can handle up to four times as many charge / discharge cycles than a conventional SLA battery and can be re-charged up to twice as quickly. Increased energy density also gives you more power for a given size.

Gel batteries are also able to accommodate the increasing demand for ‘Hybrid Power’ where the characteristics of a primary power source are required in addition to those associated with a conventional back-up battery.


  • Highly resistant to abuse (post discharge oxidation is minimal)
  • Long life and high cycle capability
  • High energy density versus size and weight
  • Recombinant type where water additions are not necessary
  • Resistant to extreme service temperature ranges


  • Golf trolleys
  • E-bikes 
  • Warehouse robots
  • Hybrid power