Lead Acid

Often referred to as Sealed Lead Acid or SLA

We offer a comprehensive range of Lead Acid batteries from World leading manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a primary or back-up power source we will be able to support you with excellent choices and high levels of technical and commercial support.

Many of our customers used to think that they had very limited choices in terms of battery manufacturers they could trust. They limited themselves to the likes of Yuasa for example – A lack of choice in a market is inherently problematic and we have highly effective solutions for you:

Our Enersys range - Enersys and Yuasa worked as one entity for over a decade. When they parted company both companies maintained the same excellent levels of IP, experience and capability. Enersys’ ranges are often drop-in ‘plug and play’ equivalents to Yuasa with superb performance and reliability, yet highly competitive.

Our GNB range [a division of Exide] - GNB are another superb manufacturer of the most advanced and popular battery ranges that users are currently demanding.

Lead Acid – VRLA – AGM, TPPL

Thin-Plate-Pure-Lead (TPPL) batteries are valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) with absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction



  • Low Self Discharge ( < 2% per year over 10 years)
  • Long shelf live and high reliability over a wide temperature range


  • Security
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Back-Up power applications
  • Engine Start
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Telecomms
  • UPS
  • Data processing

Lead Acid – VRLA – Gel

A gel battery has the sulphuric acid electrolyte mixed with silica material to form an immobilized gel.

VRLA Gel cell’s inherent resistance to oxidation when left in a partially discharged state makes it a natural choice for a wide range of light-weight motive applications



  • Able to withstand long periods in a partially discharged state
  • Up to four times as many cycles as a standard ‘SLA’ battery
  • Rapid re-charge capability increases power availability
  • High energy density versus size and weight
  • Resistant to extreme service temperature ranges


  • Golf Trolleys
  • E-Bikes
  • Warehousing Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Stairlifts
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Hoists
  • Marine
  • Leisure

Lead Acid – Flooded

The most commonly used batteries on the reserve power (standby) market today. Flooded batteries are very reliable and robust against harsh environments. For this reason, they are often preferred for the majority of larger reserve power applications, such as uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) for large data centres



  • Proven long battery life (even in harsh environments)
  • Typically built with larger capacities (Up to 4,000 Ah)
  • Heat resistant (Electrolyte acts as a heat sink)
  • Ability to replenish lost moisture with distilled or de-ionised water


  • Larger reserve power and remote power applications requiring reliable high power on tap