Nickel –Cadmium [Ni-Cd / NiCad]

Rechargeable (Secondary)

NiCad rapidly lost market share in the 1990s to Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries. However, despite the fact that the market share has dropped by around 80% there are still a range of cost sensitive applications where this technology remains suitable.We strongly support customers looking to make immediate savings on current designs using NiCa d battery packs. We can quickly cross refer to one of our manufacturing partners and often offer immediate savings, whilst also helping you to transition to the most suitable long term alternative to fit your application.

Nickel–Cadmium [Ni-Cd / NiCad]

Rechargeable (Secondary)

Compared with other types of rechargeable cells they offer good cycle life and performance at low temperatures. A significant advantage is the ability to deliver practically its full rated capacity at high discharge rates (discharging in one hour or less).


  • DECT Cordless Phones
  • Camera Flash Units
  • Remote Controlled Electric Models
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Budget Cordless Power Tools