At Freeway we believe in long term co-operation with customers and suppliers alike.

We have chosen our supply chain partners with a great deal of care. The result is an exceptional product portfolio from a select group of world-class manufacturers.

In Europe and North America we have looked to the major industry heavyweights and are proud of our association with both EnerSys and GNB (Exide).

After stringent review and factory audits, less than ten percent of the potential battery manufacturers we reviewed in Asia have made the grade. You can be sure that we can offer excellent service and quality levels from a region that can also offer very attractive commercial conditions. The due diligence invested in our supplier choices offers you an immediate return on engagement.

With comprehensive logistical and technical support capability in all major territories, via World-wide offices, Freeway offer a value proposition that is uniquely tailored to support you.



ATC EnergyTech Corporation Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of energy supply products in China. With over 60 years of experience, dedicated to “Power Up Your Life”, ATC offers a wide range of products to end users worldwide (i.e. batteries, battery chargers, adapters and portable power). ATC’s world-class production plant is accredited with ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certifications and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology machinery. All of ATC’s power supply products have received safety certificates and meet international standards. Our constant pursuit of excellence allows us to be one of the best providers on ODM, OEM, and OBM projects.



CEL specialise in manufacturing and exporting Ni-MH, Li-polymer and Lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries. From motive applications like E-bikes and golf trolleys to mobile power supplies, battery chargers, adaptors and all kinds of protection circuit module (PCM) CEL have a comprehensive product offering.

CEL invest heavily in R&D and have a strong team from famous universities and scientific research institutions. Core competencies are in material composition and production processes.

Certifications include ISO9001:2008, UL, CE, ROHS, REACH and WERCS. CEL’s main markets include America, Canada, Europe, Africa, the middle-east and south Asia which underlines their capability to compete and succeed in all major territories.



The high power levels available in Diamec's full range of sealed lead-acid batteries is a result of carefully selected high-quality materials, the use of advanced automatic production systems and strict quality control

Vertically integrated, Diamec are able to strictly control the materials and components used to produce a range of competitive sealed lead acid batteries with excellent performance and great value for money. Like all of our supply chain partners, Diamec has the major quality certifications you need of a reliable manufacturer (ISO9001:2008, UL Approved, CE approved, EN6100-4-2)



Duracell are the world’s best known manufacturer of Alkaline batteries in standard sizes like AAA, AA, C, D and 9V PP3 sizes. They also offer a wide range of additional sizes and for some time have also produced lithium cells. In recent years, Duracell's innovations expanded to include new battery designs with their prismatic batteries, which are prismatic in shape rather than cylindrical. Prismatic cells are available in both alkaline and lithium designs.



A specialist in the production of Primary Lithium batteries and Rechargeable Lithium batteries, 80% of EEMB products are exported worldwide and supported with Freeway’s strong international sales network. With a great reputation within the industry, EEMB integrates the latest technology and systematic management to constantly improve its’ manufacturing system and provide state of the art products which exceed customer expectations both in quality and price.

EEMB have class leading low and high temperature capabilities within their range of lithium batteries. With the ability to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and up to 85 degrees C, there is a battery to suit nearly all applications and environments.

Ongoing commitment to research and development provides customers with innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices. EEMB has UL approval, ISO9001:2008, GB/T 19001-2008, UN/DOT compliant, SGS and Sira Certified.



EnerSys is the global leader in energy storage solutions for industrial applications, manufactures and distributes reserve, motive power and defence batteries to customers worldwide.

If you thought you were stuck with just one high quality manufacturer of Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries for safety critical applications such as access, fire and security systems, we have great news. We have never had EnerSys samples rejected as not performing to the highest levels and matching a customer’s stringent requirements.

From a procurement perspective, sole sourced products are inherently difficult so if you are after a quality source of SLA batteries we will not let you down.

EnerSys operates over twenty manufacturing and assembly plants in Europe, North America and Asia. EnerSys also provides aftermarket and customer support services to its customers from over 100 countries through its sales and manufacturing locations around the world.

Motive power batteries are utilised in electric forklift trucks and other commercial electric powered vehicles. Reserve power batteries are used in the telecommunication and utility industries, uninterruptible power suppliers (UPS), and numerous applications requiring standby power.


GNB (Exide Technologies)

Exide Technologies, with operations in more than 80 countries, has the products and services to meet the world's stored energy needs in transportation and industrial markets. With more than 120 years in the battery business, Exide has the experience, advanced research and development capabilities, and knowledge to provide solutions to various stored energy requirements.

Around the world, Network Power batteries manufactured by GNB Industrial Power provide energy storage solutions for critical systems that require uninterrupted power supply. Applications include telecommunications, computers, security systems, electrical power plant systems and military equipment

GNB are particularly strong in the field of GEL batteries, having market brand leader Sonnenschein within their group. This is the perfect solution for many motive applications where a battery is likely to be left for periods without being fully charged.



Hi-Watt has an extremely strong technical and engineering team:  employing over 100 experienced and professional engineering staff.  Through the application of advanced technology, its primary batteries such as carbon zinc and alkaline offer very high capacities with ultra low leakage characteristics. Shelf-life is also amongst best in class. To achieve the targets of safety and environmental protection, Hi-Watt is a market leader in China and the first to adopt zero-mercury, zero-cadmium technology in the manufacture of primary carbon zinc batteries. These products match the exacting requirements of the latest international   safety   and   environmental   standards. As you would expect, they are ISO9001 certified and hold UKAS certification. Hi-Watt have also been awarded the ‘Q Mark’ certificate from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries for their exceptional quality levels.



Amongst an array of quality awards, Huawei hold ISO9001:2008, UL, CE and ISO14001 certifications. In order to create and develop ever more powerful and efficient storage solutions Huawei have set up an R&D centre in Hong Kong to keep close attention to new technology, new processes and new packaging trends which may be applied for leading edge lead-acid battery production. The entire series of lead-acid battery products has been sold in volume to over 80 countries within Europe, North America, South America, South-east Asia and The Middle East. Huawei’s positive reputation continues to grow within all market territories and sectors. Quality certifications include UL, CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001.



Developing batteries for over 33 years the Ronda technical team add enormous value to those looking to develop new products with leading edge quality, repeatability and performance. Some of the World’s largest global players purchasing Ronda batteries through Freeway have been surprised and delighted at the levels of quality available. Their core competencies are in the manufacture of cylindrical Lithium, Nickel metal hydride and Ni-CD batteries and battery packs. Unsurpassed levels of automation ensure high output (over 700,000 cells per day) with consistently outstanding levels of quality.

Ronda have used their knowledge to develop a superb range of Lithium Cobalt Oxide Powerbanks (Micro USB chargeable packs, specifically designed and developed to charge tablets, smart-phones, wearables and portable IOT devices) Incredibly rugged and with very high capacities (up to 20,000mAh) these versatile and high quality units, finished in brushed aluminium and branded to your requirements are as high end a portable Powerbank product as you will find in the market today.

All expected certifications, such as ISO9001 and UL are present, along with a special award for high tech enterprise in Asia.