We don’t want to drone on, but…

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…If you want to keep your next generation drones flying for longer, with ‘quick release & replace’ battery solutions, Freeway have some great options.

Using our 3D Modelling and design capability, we offer our customers the chance to develop Lithium battery packs that are both highly shock resistant and easily interchanged to keep your downtime low and flight-time high. Extended flight is achievable with our high energy density Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2) metal cased product range.

Our ‘sweet spot’ capability for batteries with a single I/O ranges between 2.2Ah and 20Ah, but other capacities can easily be catered for.

For smaller drones we can offer standard form-factor lithium-polymer prismatic packs, with the more traditional flying leads and JST / Molex industry standard connections.

Matched universal chargers allow one SKU to cover all territories and our approvals expertise means that we can manage your export requirement documentation. (UL1642 / UL2054 / IEC / UN38.3 etc)

For more information use our contacts tab above or:

Mail: enquiry@freeway-batteries.com

Talk: +44 (0) 1635 555 985